Lucky Bill Turns One!!

A couple weekends ago Lucky Bill turned BIG NUMERO UNO! We celebrated with a circus theme (see invites here) and Lucky was our little strongman.

It was a fantastic day! Two sets of grandparents traveled 400 miles or more to join in on the fun, lots of baby friends came to play, and we all filled our bellies with Puff Corn, cake, and candy.

Find more pictures here.

Lucky Bill’s First Photo

This is THE VERY first picture taken of my baby (and a few short minutes later our nurse would coin the name ‘Lucky Bill’). The very second I heard him cry my heart overflowed with love and I knew in that moment I would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for that baby.  Nearly a one year later, countless sleepless nights, and several hundred…possibly thousand dirty diapers I still feel the same. (Mushy huh?)

Scrub-A-Dub Stink…Baby in a Sink…

That cute cuddly baby, those innocent eyes…who knew he would leave something so disgusting and vile in my kitchen sink. After bath time today I found a little…stink…left behind in the sink. My heart raced, no one was here and I felt…mortified. A ridiculous amount of Clorox and a panic attack later the lesson has been learned. No more sink baths.

(Yeah I may overreact a bit, but that’s the story of my life.)