A Day in the Life of Lucky Bill

Today was a typical low key day at the Lucky Bill casa. He started his day by reading his favorite books to me, watching Super Why, chasing after the dog’s toys, and throwing a tantrum or two in between trying out a some things we made for Uncle Nate’s dress-up box.

Lucky also helped pack a couple of shoe boxes to send off for Operation Christmas Child. We chose a few of his favorite toys and items that he seemed to favor in the store. Our boxes will be going to two other little boys between 2&4. I plan on making this a tradition to teach Lucky the importance of giving. I want Lucky Bill to know how blessed we are to have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, shoes on our feet, and toys to play with. And, when the Lord blesses us we should do what we can to bless others. I am sure our boxes contained a little bit of drool and a few tags were chewed off, but I like to think of it as sharing a little bit of ourselves with the children who receive them 🙂




Scrub-A-Dub Stink…Baby in a Sink…

That cute cuddly baby, those innocent eyes…who knew he would leave something so disgusting and vile in my kitchen sink. After bath time today I found a little…stink…left behind in the sink. My heart raced, no one was here and I felt…mortified. A ridiculous amount of Clorox and a panic attack later the lesson has been learned. No more sink baths.

(Yeah I may overreact a bit, but that’s the story of my life.)